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Grav Changer (Change the gravity)

Welcome to "Grav Changer" a zero gravity game where the Rules are easy touch the screen to change gravity but be careful when the time increase speed too maybe you can unlock all achivements or at least survive more than your friends?or maybe you just don´t have enough skills for control the this gravity switch power?My game is described as a one hand game or one finger game and thats because their gameplay sensations are fluid but at the same time are difficult just because for timeMy new game features are:-Enhaced gameplay-Optimized to all ages-Gravity Switch power by using your finger-Crazy Achivements-Every play is entirely random because of algorithm I used-Gravity change but level colour change too randomly because of an algorith i used tooI hope you enjoy

Color Challenge

Color Challenge is the new game of Freakin Games in which you must follow the color patterns for destroy the obstacle but be careful and be fast because this is a speed game and if your color isn´t the same you will be destroyed, just a simple tap on the ball or on the screen for switch the color of the whole level.Now Color Challenge features are:-Made with Unity-Shop Integrated in-Game-Challenging and original gameplay-More hard-And a large etc.

Game Graphics

The game looks simplistic and for me thats the best art for games great job with the game

Keep in work!

3 years ago

Thanks for your feedback, initially the game was one color touch but, i mean there isn't any button just touch and change but i changed to this for increase the difficulty and make less repetitive but thanks for answer

2 years ago

Grav Changer (Change the gravity)

Color Challenge