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Completed, essentially, my first finished project, Containment. It was created for Hack Jam 2016. I’m not satisfied with it and will hopefully come back to it at some later point but it definitely did teach me a lot, the game jam that is. I’ve created dozens of games before but never released them to the public and that was my main issue, being able to release a game. I never was able to structure a deadline for when and what needs to be coded and designed and by when. So moving forward I’ll definitely have a different perspective on creating games and how to manage my resources so I can actually release them. I want to go ahead and thank Lauren Pham and Markus Lappalainen for the music in the game.Download Link You can find more of Lauren Pham’s music @ can find more of Markus Lappalainen’s music @

Game Graphics Level Design

I like the chicken and the chicken corpses in the background but it need work on level design. I don't know if there are more then one level(s) to this game but once I killed those enemies in the first one and walked past the exit nothing happened. Game didn't end neither did it tell mission is complete or send me to the next room.

7 years ago

I can't play it but I want to, just saying. It looks pretty cool.

7 years ago

It was mediocre. Not the biggest fan of the enemies. Felt like they should have been more themed around the chicken. I liked the blood sprites. Shooting controls weren't the best could be a bit more fluid. Instead of me pressing space bar I could have held it? More weapons and variety would be nice. It was pretty easy to tell you the truth. But I liked it so far.

7 years ago


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