Caster Persecution


CASTER :  a person with a special connection to the spirit world.  Someone who can call upon it's energies at will. They are powerful, dangerous and feared by those without this ability.

Leonid, one of the best doctors in the Kingdom of Zanzar,  was taught to fear them all his life.  Now he is being accused of being one.  How is this possible? King Roland and the Zanzar army wiped out their entire civilization 25 years ago. All Leonid did is develop a cure to a lethal sickness that has been plaguing the Kingdom of Zanzar in recent years.  It is not magic, it is science!

How will Leonid survive? He is a doctor not a warrior.  He is now forced to flee his home and all that he has known to enter a world he did not even know existed. What he learns along the way and those he will meet could change this world forever.

-Your decisions in the game can affect your character, future events in the game, and the ending. Be selfish or selfless. Be kind or cruel. The choice is yours.

- a mix of puzzles and combat.

This demo has the first  2.5 - 3 hours of gameplay.


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