Get lemons and survive in a treacherous sea! In the free mini game you control a boat trying to survive by defeating your opponents and using powerups. The game is short and simple but hey " it aint much but it's honest work".

Controls : 

  • Move : Arrow keys or ASDW
  • Shoot :Left Ctrl, Space or Mouse
  • Restart : Left Ctrl or Space

Here is a link to the page where you can play in your browser but I'd recommend downloading it for a smoother experience !


Seamus_M 1 week ago

Game Graphics UI Graphics
What I liked:
Graphically it looks very clean and neat.
I like the concept.
I love the fact that ships can shoot each other and that mines will destroy whatever they touch, whether it be player or enemy.

What I didn't like:
For some reason the shooting sound effect is really friggin loud compared to everything else.
The new coin confetti thing is just too much. Tone it down a bit.
After death the UI on the menu is messy. Perhaps make things look more like clickable buttons rather than clickable text?

harshpoddar 6 days ago

Game Graphics
Great game! Simple yet fun.
Just one suggestion - it gets a bit repetitive too fast. Add more challenges to keep the player interested for longer
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