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Get lemons and survive in a treacherous sea! In the free mini game you control a boat trying to survive by defeating your opponents and using powerups. The game is short and simple but hey " it aint much but it's honest work".Controls :  Move : Arrow keys or ASDW Shoot :Left Ctrl, Space or Mouse Restart : Left Ctrl or Space Here is a link to the itch.io page where you can play in your browser but I'd recommend downloading it for a smoother experience !https://purple-clam.itch.io/boats

Mechanics Level Design

Hey great game! It's pretty fun to play with a friend on the same computer. I loved the diversity of characters and attacks which allows for some good replayability. I sometimes found difficult to move arround some maps and it kind of slowed down the fight. Also I believe the graphics could be improved a bit, (especially the blocks forming the platforms and borders of maps). Other than that it's really good!

6 months ago
Mechanics Game Graphics

Great demo really fun to play and with a challenging difficulty. I especially loved your work on the audio. It makes for a nice atmosphere.

Now I think you could improve the graphics a bit especially in term of colors . Also I found the mix of 3D models and pixel art a bit disturbing at first but it makes for an interesting artsyle. Other than that maybe make the molotov more rewarding in terms of visuals and sound effect.

Overall it's a great idea keep it up!

4 months ago
Mechanics UI Graphics

Simple yet fun idea ! I liked the music and the movements feel nice (even if the recoil could be tuned down a bit). I think you could make the UI better with bigger texts and by choosing a color more contrasting with your background. Other than that good job keep it up!

4 months ago
Game Graphics Level Design

Love the artstyle! I think you could add a bit more content and ask for feedback again as the game is pretty short for the moment. I noticed two things :
-I think the camera feels a bit too smooth/slow.
-You can fall down off the level at the end.

Other than that it's a good start keep it up!

4 months ago
Level Design Tutorial/Learning Curve

Nice game! The concept and the controls are intuitive and the difficulty challenging enough. I think it should be easier to notice when the player changes color and that the game should be just a bit slower at the start. Other than that good job!

4 months ago

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