Blocky Madness is a simple strategic puzzle game. It is a Singleplayer game which can be played completely offline. It is available for PC and Android. It will be available on the Google Play Store soon.
Features of the game:
- 20 different unique levels to unlock and play
- simple but interesting game mechanic (Tutorial included in the game)
- ability to save and load games
- Highscores for each level
- german translation available  

Initial version


MCartwright 1 month ago

Level Design
Fun Game once I understood it.
Things I think need improvement are;
-There is a lot of errors with the tutorial txt e.g "because than there" and "move an white block"

- On the level select screen I think you should beable to just click on the level to play it and I think Play and Back to Main should be the other way around

-In the Game, I dont think moving the camera is neccesary, If the UI were On the sides of the screen I wouldn't of had to move the camera at all
- Using right mouse to go back after clicking on a ball would of been really handy

Sunclicker 1 month ago

Thanks a lot for your feedback. Really appreciate it. I agree with the tutorial txt errors and with select level menu.
In the first level I agree with you: The camera does not need to move or zoom here. But in later levels, i think it will be much easier to move the camera. Especially on phones with a small screen.
I can implement the right-click to go back functionality in the next release.

BLU-CO-Entertainment 4 weeks ago

Game Graphics
very simple graphics and everything just feels simple and best
Roast Em

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