Big City Runner 3D


Welcome to Big City Runner 3D game which is an exciting endless running game. If you are a good runner then the city maze ultra running game is for you. Little kid rush race game provide platform to its runner to run as much as they can. If you are a good runner, then this is the best place to Run. Big super citysurf runner has an interesting story. Big city runner 3d game is a free endless reward running video game. In big city runner 3d player take on the part of the main champion for marking graffiti little kid runner s world or many other players.

Big City Runner 3D game Features:

- 4 characters and different items to choose
- Colourful & smooth high quality graphics
- The skateboard help survive obstacle when hit
- Key helps to continue the game from last score
- Crazy addictive game-play.
- Kid crazy Run dash
- Escape from dog real time race
- Big city runner subway
- User friendly interface
- Funny crazy 3D runner

Let’s download Big City Runner 3D game is a good quality game, we are sure that you will fall in love with our Big City runner game. Big town race runner app has so much and surely you will get entertainment and enjoy it.

Updated Store and Fixed UI alignments
Fixed few Minor bugs in game
Few Upgrades in Gameplay  

Coming Soon


OrfeasWorldGamesStudio 4 months ago

Game Graphics
subway surfers from lidl. It's just a rip off of subway surfers, i haven't played the game but i've watched the video. You can just download the official game and not the rip off....

Flappyfish223 3 months ago

It's literally just subway surfer...
Roast Em

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