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I'm a Phagocyte

You start as Mac a loveable little phagocyte eating as much bacteria as he can. You must be careful to avoid crushing collagen fibers, neurotic nerve cells, toxic toxoplasmosis and lingering listeria. The measure of success is how far you can travel in the connective tissue as this plucky little phagocyte just trying to eat some bacteria. Collect enough bacteria and you can unlock some of Macs' friends.

Mechanics Story/Writing/Dialogue

I get the idea and honesty like the overall concept, always fun to kill / destroy...solid, would take out the offensive language, it creates more barriers than anything. Killing everyone with a hurricane is certainly offensive and edgy enough on its own to piss off most people.

2 years ago
Mechanics Game Graphics

I enjoyed the overall concept and could see this being very addictive to a lot of people, the only thing I might tweak is the graphics a bit, seem a little disjointed, as in not all in the same style, but just a random sampling of effects. Other than that good job!

2 years ago

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