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Burstly : The Hardest Game!

Want to your improve your eye and finger coordination to attain a super reflexive state in a fun & effective manner ?Burstly promises you to train your brain & activate the mind by forcing you in a focused conscious state.Burstly is an action arcade game which is simple, but with endless fun. Touch your finger anywhere on the screen and slide on to avoid the traps and collect points.burstly is BORN for those who NEVER GIVE UP easily in real life. :) I don't know if this is a bad game but you might want to play now

Controls UI Graphics

Hi I played your game today...nice concept.It would be much more awesome if you zoom a little bit because right now it seems so small.. so if someone with bad eye sight might find a difficulty... Its just a suggestion from my point of view.. Ignore it if I'm wrong.. waiting for the official release :)

1 year ago

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