When an experienced thief who actively avoids prophecies got cursed by the very thing he's stealing, he tries his best to get on with his thieving life as normally as he can.
Unfortunately, this is one prophecy he cannot avoid!

A short parody of fast-paced RPG plot developments where the main character is self-aware of the kind of world he is thrown into and will call things out as he sees it!

Gameplay time can be between 1 and 1/2 hour to 4 hours.

This game has a linear storyline!
Battles are super easy.
It is recommended not to rush and take your time exploring the atmosphere!
Have fun!

(This game was made under 20-days from a trial mode of RPGMaker MV, which serves as my first test-game to learn on how RPGMaker works in the first place! Thus this game will not be updated because I won't be owning RPGMaker anymore.)


charredfire 1 month ago

Story/Writing/Dialogue UI Graphics
Liked the humor in the dialogue, the idea of being a klepto thief from the get go is a funny joke on how most RPG's treat personal property. Graphics were good too.

I couldn't figure out how to go back in the menus without hitting escape, maybe that's what you where supposed to do but i would of liked a close button or something.

Some of the attacks felt redundant, like there was never a reason to not use double attack instead of a regular attack since it did not cost anything.

Not sure why weapon were equip-able if you are just going to be stuck with exacali-"swordy" anyways, unless there you get more party members that would make sense.

overall basic and funny :)

sypherica 1 month ago

Thank you so, so much for taking the time to play and roast my game! I've read your comment over and over, it makes me so happy. :)

Oh, you're right, I absolutely forgot to mention about the controls! I believe it was Z and X for Confirm and Cancel respectively, but I'm glad you found Esc to work as well! Thank you for notifying me!

I was a tad more focused on the writing and characters that I've neglected to pay attention to the battles and equip items! Thank you!

I appreciate your comments and will keep them in mind for future games!! Thank you so much!
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