Maintain Your Sanity


Blue 1 year ago

Level Design Mechanics
I like the premise of the game. The level changing as you losing sanity is an interesting mechanic that has a lot of potential. I also like the design of the enemies.

I was playing in browser and ran into a bug where after playing a level I would have to reload the page to select another level. I had enemies spawn on top of me, which was annoying, and made it impossible to respond. This game would benefit from some type of progression, where you get stronger the more kills you have.

Mike 1 year ago

UI Graphics Mechanics
-I like the concept of the world changing as your sanity drops.

Needs work:
-I can fall off the map.
-Enemies spawn very close sometimes. That doesn't feel fair.
-There is no way to control the audio volume.
-The game needs more variety. Currently, I can just stand in one place and shoot the enemies coming from the same direction. It got really boring once I figured that out.

I like the idea. I want to see how this game will look in the future.

juritobi 11 months ago

Game Graphics Mechanics
nice graphics, but the game is too easy I could be playing forever but I have no motivation to do so, I walk uphill and I can shoot the enemies whilde they walk in a stright line towards me, it's probably goot that they emmit sound when close or whe spawning and spawn arroun the player.

LouisNevers 10 months ago

Game Graphics Level Design
Good idea, I like the look of the game and the Sanity feature, just needs fleshing out more I would say.
Some good additions I'd suggest
- Leaderboard
- Gradual difficulty increase
- Minimap to see where enemies spawn
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