5 Colors Solitaire Torneko


That's a mix with freecell and classic solitaire and i add a fifth symbol, Colors matchs only on itself and you can put some cards on top left.

  • A lot of bugs fixed.
  • Reorganize the cards first theme.
  • Deck bug fixed about one card are missed
  • Adding 3 mores colors themes
  • You can press F2 key to Reset your game.

  • King must me not moving on Top when they have card on them.
  • More interfaces are coming soon
  • Customise your interface yourself
  • UI saving on a file extern
  • English version about text menus
  • Rules on a TXT file (english and french) (Will be open when player press F1)
  • More and more


petera3d 10 months ago

Game Graphics Game Graphics

I think that you need to improve your card graphics, make them more 3d lish with few shadows. And I think make more thin the black border.

Torneko_Panther 10 months ago

Thanks, i don't think about that. I really appreciate your roast. But what do you think about global gameplay and mechanics?

Torneko_Panther 10 months ago

I'm sorry i mean i was don't think about that*

mjking 9 months ago

UI Graphics Level Design
Nice game
Good game

Torneko_Panther 9 months ago

i work on a few better background and i hope it's be appreciate by my follower ^^ and thx for take time to roast my game :)

Jaysmito101 9 months ago

Controls Game Graphics
This appears good but the problems are:
THe colour scheme is not very good
The concept is not very new so less chance to attract users!

VoidInk 9 months ago

Controls Game Graphics
Great game you need to work on the graphics the edges and resulution of the cards seem really low
Roast Em

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