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The Seeker

After 3.x months of developing The Seeker, I'm here to ask You, good people all over the world, to determine which game elements should I keep and which to discard. Hence asking for your most valued feedback #roast that would conclude and shape the game as soon, this week I plan on going to greenlight   About the game: You, as the little abandoned drone called: The Seeker, are waken up many years after the Great Galactic War in a simple quest of finding why the AI went corrupt and managed to wipe humanity. This 3D Adventure/Stealth game is inspired by Affordable Space Adventures, which was all about exploring in an unknown areas rather than just finishing the mare goal. Just like ASA, you have to avoid enemies, turrets, alarms and other things seeking to destroy you in this SCI-Fi environment.   Gameplay: Through the game you'll encounter various barriers; Other drones, alarm systems, etc. That will try to slice you in more pieces, the better. You, The Seeker, need to find the exit out of this man made hell, you'll collect points, enjoy the scenery and the music that caputures the essence and the beauty of destruction intertwined with human and robotic lefovers.   Controls (There is a tutorial in game): Basic and simple. W/S/A/D - To move Mouse click - To open doors Press F - Flashlight Q - Power Source (Green Light) Hold E - Hacking Space  - Throw Decoy

Controls Game Graphics

I've already spoken you about this game and I really love the concept of it.

I mean its so old school in some ways and I do like that I can upgrade so much, especially my character, as I see him/her/it growing.
This is the thing with this game, and the digging is great, and the enemies are some pretty hard to kill but mostly I've enjoyed the game a lot.

However like I said. Please. Graphics, you really need to work on them as for a 2016 game I think a lot would agree it looks like its from 2000 MAYBE.

I am a bit harsh and yes I do not expect Crysis 3 Main Menu or UI, but I do expect something that is appealing to the eye. That's all I'm asking.

Keep it up

8 years ago
Animation Mechanics

Well where can I start .

This is most likely your first attempts of making a game, and be proud of it. Be very proud of it. You made something playable. I've tried it, and I can tell you nothing here is new, as you most likely know yourself.

Me and my prof. called this games, WC games, as its something I would play on my way to the bathroom. Take no offence here but everything needs changing if you are going to make it as "your idea and mehanics"

This is seen like from Doodle jump, and even before, in the old NES games. What you need to do is go out there and make almost the same but a bit advanced game, like when I press on the screen it can shoot the balloons, and from there build up your knowledge of making games and you'll get better.


8 years ago

I'm fixing the "Death Screen" thank you about that, however this is the game that you have to learn. Each enemy has its unique patterns, like drones, they have distinct path, and speed.

Cameras, are triggered after 1 second if standing activated and in "live of fire"
And turrets 1 second as well but they can always see you.

However I do not understand you sentence : "Alarm only dispel when you go to hack the spot is very frustrating...," could oyu please elaborate?

8 years ago

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