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Forgive Me, Father...

Want to say what's right, and whats wrong? Want to have the power to punish and forgive? Want to be the Judge of Deeds?Take on the role of a priest for the Church of Spades, in a remote parish, and help your people grow under the guidance of the Great Church of Spades.Forgive Me Father is a decision-making game in which the player has to balance the impulses of people.Some people steal, white others give, some people boast, while others are shy and introvert. It is you who will deliver Justice, however you see fit. And since great power also brings great responsibility, it is you who will support the consequences of the Judgement you bring.Features:Analyze the sins of your subjects in the Confessionary Keep the BALANCE in your parish Manage your Purse and your Family Upgrade your parish to fulfill the desires of the Ace of Spades Developed in a basement, with care.Roast Notes:Roasting time is over! The game will be live soon :)

Story/Writing/Dialogue UI Graphics

Hello devs,

I like dystopian game worlds and I like your idea. The writing is very funny.
The sound is right on spot, good job on that.
The graphics are 6/10, but a game like this really relies more on generating the atmosphere and the feel, rather than good quality graphics.
So the current narrative, sound and graphics are decent.

While the learning curve is fine - I did not need any tutorial to understand the mechanics in the first run - the progression sucks balls. First run was... meh... second run was going agonizingly slow. (maybe add a feature to allow the player to change the game speed - normal/fast/faster since there aren't many things to do while farming dollars at the TV)

Regarding the UI, I can't say anything because there's no UI. Those are only debug messages :)

If you spam the lottery you get infinite money. Probability of winning is too big.
The package you receive and has no follow up doesn't look like a package.
Are there any downsides for watching different channels? The debug messages you use as an UI don't mention any :P

Keep getting feedback as you improve the game since the mechanics so far are pretty simple and they get repetitive and ultimately, boring.

1 year ago
Game Graphics

Hi devs,

First of all, I hate idle clicker games. In my humble, personal opinion, they are the worst of games. But my opinion doesn't matter in this... what users want matters :)

I think your progression is decent. The game gratifies me wasting my life in it in a good fashion. The carrot is there, I can see it... and the game guides me through what I have to do to get it. 15 minutes into the game I hit a small plateau in the progression, as in... there was nothing to do but wait for the money to farm itself. This made me wanna close the game, but I pulled through so I can write this roast.

I would like to have a visible global counter on how much money I'm getting / second with the current setup, so I know how much I can leave it running in order to buy my targeted upgrade.

Some other idle games like yours use a character that randomly appears in the 'action phase' (Boot Camp) and requires the player to hit it in order to receive a temporary boost. This is good for the waiting player that wastes his life watching a screen farming a random virtual currency. You should do this.

The UI is at most mediocre. I feel it could be ok, but the backgrounds ruin it.
The general color scheme is depressive.

I played for about one hour total. I played some War Zone too and a PvP match. Didn't understand anything that happened or why/how I lost that match. I didn't try again.

The tutorial was ok, but the graphics in it really don't match anything in the game. The smiling guy with a mushroom on his head looks like he's from a different movie.

Sounds, I don't know... I killed it as soon as I got rid of the tutorial blocking screen. Don't waste resources on it.

One important question for you: What does your game brings extra, to make it better than the bazillion other idle clickers out there?

Good luck guys!

1 year ago

Hello dev,

I tried to play the web version but it didn't work. I hit the enemies but they didn't die.

This game is, at most, a good first exercise for a game developer... if he's 13. (keep it up kiddo!)
But it shouldn't be seen by the world. It has nothing to show.

Good luck.

1 year ago

Hey Stefan.
Can you please elaborate a bit?

What more would you like to see?
When did you get bored?
How far did you get?


1 year ago

Hey, thank you for taking the time to write this roast.

I've iconified the 7 deadly sins... I also felt they are hard to follow. Also used another friendlier dude to do the tutorial (instead of the Ace).
They'll be available live soon!

Best of wishes!

1 year ago

Hey Jane, thank you for the time to play and write this roast.

I'm aware of the problems you encountered and they've been fixed. I'm gonna push an update on test flight in the next week that will fix the Insights Woman disappearing and the Town Crier not getting unlocked :).

If you like it, like/follow/share us on social media. I'm attempting so self-publish this game, so all the help I can get is well received.

Best of wishes!

1 year ago