Forgive Me, Father...


Want to say what's right, and whats wrong? Want to have the power to punish and forgive? Want to be the Judge of Deeds?

Take on the role of a priest for the Church of Spades, in a remote parish, and help your people grow under the guidance of the Great Church of Spades.

Forgive Me Father is a decision-making game in which the player has to balance the impulses of people.

Some people steal, white others give, some people boast, while others are shy and introvert. It is you who will deliver Justice, however you see fit. And since great power also brings great responsibility, it is you who will support the consequences of the Judgement you bring.


  • Analyze the sins of your subjects in the Confessionary
  • Keep the BALANCE in your parish
  • Manage your Purse and your Family
  • Upgrade your parish to fulfill the desires of the Ace of Spades

Developed in a basement, with care.

Roast Notes:
Roasting time is over! The game will be live soon :)


stefanp99 3 years ago

Game Graphics Level Design
Cool game! I really liked the idea but I want to see more of it!

PhaneV 3 years ago

Hey Stefan.
Can you please elaborate a bit?

What more would you like to see?
When did you get bored?
How far did you get?


civentropy 3 years ago

Story/Writing/Dialogue Controls
First, the game is based on Reigns, which I love (both of them) which is a +1 already.
I'm also very familiar with the swiping mechanic and the balance you need to keep on the different categories.

The visuals are excellent. Looks great to me, didn't feel like a beta and let me get into the game.
The basic idea of a priest with a confession both is brilliant and fit the game mechanic perfectly. Well done.
The stories of the people are simple and understandable.

On the other hand..
There are too many things to balance (7 sins) and they are not that distinct from each other. It's not that easy to understand quickly what you are going to influence.
The Cardinal is speaking too much. Feels forced a bit.
The additional data (Family, Perish etc) is redundant. It's not an interesting challenge to handle and just feel stuck in the middle of the action.
The sleep is also disruptive. If you lose the Family/Perish etc just assume I sleep and let me continue with the game.

I'm still looking for interesting narratives that unfold. that was the most interesting bit in Reigns, the narrative that unfolded with some of the characters over a few deaths.

All in all a very good game, well done! Hope to see it out publically soon!

PhaneV 3 years ago

Hey, thank you for taking the time to write this roast.

I've iconified the 7 deadly sins... I also felt they are hard to follow. Also used another friendlier dude to do the tutorial (instead of the Ace).
They'll be available live soon!

Best of wishes!

Jane_Porter 3 years ago

Story/Writing/Dialogue Level Design
I really love this game, it's fun, and original, and interesting. But I unlocked all buildings and 29/30 people, I keep playing but nothing is happening, no new characters. I also had to restart this game once because of that: at some point you're just playing and nothing happens, even though you didn't unlock everything yet. Also, the woman that offers to see how my decision affects balance stops showing up at some point, even though I need it. So yeah, keep it up, I hope you'll fix those and I truly hope you'll grow a big audience because this game deserves all the fame in the world. Thank you!

PhaneV 3 years ago

Hey Jane, thank you for the time to play and write this roast.

I'm aware of the problems you encountered and they've been fixed. I'm gonna push an update on test flight in the next week that will fix the Insights Woman disappearing and the Town Crier not getting unlocked :).

If you like it, like/follow/share us on social media. I'm attempting so self-publish this game, so all the help I can get is well received.

Best of wishes!

davidkirk95 1 year ago

Hi! I really like the premise and overall idea of this game! I really want to try it out, but I cannot see the game on the apple app store? Is it still up?
Your website is phenomenal btw!

PhaneV 1 year ago

Hey David,

Sorry for the late reply. Thank you for your kind words. I started this game a couple of years ago but it didn't get any traction so I had to pause it's development for a period of time.
The Apple license expired so the game was taken down from the App Store. It's still available on Google Play though.

Take care!
Roast Em