Citadel Stormer


CITADEL STORMER is a fun little platformer.

Gameplay summary:
- Avoid spikes and lightning bolts
- Fight robotic enemies
- Find keys and flip switches to open doors
- Perform jumping challenges

This game is in early access. I will be updating this game and adding new things. Feedback welcome.


Leafo 1 year ago

Level Design Controls
The Level design is good, but the controls need work.

pixeltroid 1 year ago

thanks for your feedback. exactly what aspect of the controls do you feel needs work?

JamzDEV 1 year ago

Game Graphics Controls
The art style is great, and the level design. The controls need work as I feel cramped to have to press O to shoot and L to interact. Maybe try mouse buttons? See if that's better. What's also annoying is the physics. Whenever I let go of the space bar, I fall back to the ground extremely quickly after jumping. Decrease the falling speed or whatever you use to make the player object fall? Try that. Thanks for the game :) From Jamie.

pixeltroid 1 year ago

hi. Thanks for your valuable input.
Yes. A lot of players have told me that the controls are weird. I am currently working to fix that!

ShokaGame 1 year ago

Game Graphics Controls
I like it,s art style . Great Game :)

Red_Phantom_RP 1 year ago

Game Graphics Controls
Played your game a couple of times, the further-est I got to was past the first gate. It was reasonably fun, mostly because of the great art and level design. These were positive aspects of the game.
The biggest letdown in your game is not the controls, it's actually the music. Improve the music and the game will be even better imo.
Also, I have heard some comments about some people not liking the art in this game, I completely disagree.

bmegana 1 year ago

Game Graphics Controls
So if you want to improve your controls, I would suggest following some of the advice in this link:
I realize that you're using GameMaker instead of Unity, but I think the same principles still apply.

I also might've ran into a bug where, when I try to run off of a moving platform, both me and the platform get stuck unless I jump or stop putting in input: https://gyazo.com/ff9aa3ca48f908a54547bab8ea0ca3ce

However, two more things I'd like to point out is actually about the level design:
1) I don't like how in some rooms, I can't see the bottom unless I jump down. It's especially bad if I jump down and land onto an enemy, a projectile, or worse, one hit kill spikes.
2) Not sure if you'd want to change anything about the boss, but I managed to get the boss in a position where I can shoot the boss, but the boss can't shoot me: https://gyazo.com/f82f146304243a620d3ea560915b55b1

raonak 1 year ago

Game Graphics Mechanics
Quite a neat game, it felt quite fun.

Some things that could be improved:

-A better run animation? something more expressive could work wonders. Currently it looks more like the character is sliding around rather than running.

-The spikes initially didn't look like spikes to me, I thought it was a fence or something. Not a major problem, but maybe add a blood-like pattern to them or make them less uniform.

-the horizontal move speed doesn't seem to match up with the jump speed. It's like you move left/right too slow, and maybe jump/fall a bit too fast.

-just giving more combat options could improve the game a lot. maybe a charge shot, or something.

The foundations are solid though. good work.
Roast Em

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