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Maize: Almost in Beta!

A new 2D RPG coded in Java with no* game engine. We play on adding a Steam release, a lot more content and more. Please leave feedback as we are a small team working on this game!Story:You were a god, but you lost a fight with your arch nemies. He sent you to a prision in Hell. Your goal is to break out and finsh what you started. [Story WIP]

Mechanics Tutorial/Learning Curve

Mate it's just the Minecraft launcher.

1 year ago

Yeah its "RoastMyGame" its not your game at all its just the minecraft launcher. You didn't spend any effort at this at all, this is just a no effort clutter post.

1 year ago

Farther more its a pirated copy of minecraft as well, honestly did you not know github excites and isn't t block in most schools?

1 year ago
Game Graphics Mechanics

The game's graphics look good the issue is its not really original there isn't anything new to the table. (Yes I am being a hypocrite) if you tweak and come up with a great new idea I have a feeling it could be the next Woodoku. But keep trying it looks pretty good.

1 year ago
Animation Game Graphics

The animations are decent, but holy h*ll I can not figure out whats going on it feels like I am high not in a good way. Try to make the game more pleasant to watch and play I have a feeling with some effort it could be good.

1 year ago

Its nice that your learning programing, I would advise moving on to text based adventure games, then 2d games (platformers, rpgs,etc). I am biased but Java is great for that, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5yr4sekAI0&list=PL_QPQmz5C6WUMB0xEMZosWbyQo_Kil0Fb this tutorial is the reason why I can code and make games and programs. I hope you secede on your journey of programing (I am also a noob btw only been coding for 12 months). Great Job!

1 year ago

Maize: Almost in Beta!