This game will be my first ever game published there will be no updates but you can give me some advice? imporvments for any future game i make i am fully aware that this game uses a game ungine that uses flash this is just a test though so i dont really  care.  my thumnaill wasnt working so heres this reallly cool bowtie instad


BoneScab 1 month ago

doesn't matter if your game is crappy as hell, in your perspective it should be amazing
my advice will be that think, what can be a fun in a game where there is only a red ball
how about some story element?. I am kind of proud for you! seeing young game developers grow. I myself also hope this is your first and final game you'll ever publish.

KSPortalcraftDev 1 month ago

Its nice that your learning programing, I would advise moving on to text based adventure games, then 2d games (platformers, rpgs,etc). I am biased but Java is great for that, this tutorial is the reason why I can code and make games and programs. I hope you secede on your journey of programing (I am also a noob btw only been coding for 12 months). Great Job!
Roast Em

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