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Swing Skills

Hi everyone,  Swing Skills is a FREE rope swinging game for iOS/Android.I've been working on it for the last 3 years, and its my first attempt at an indie game, so I'd love it if you guys could give it a roasting and let me know what needs fixing/what you love/hate about it!StoryOne night, as you sleep in the jungle, you awaken to see the nefarious Swingorms kidnapping your friends into their evil prison machine!  Swing your rope through unique levels, smash through Blocks and collect Coins to save your pals from the angry Swingorms' clutches. Can you find your way through the Hiker's mountains?  Can you return the Businessman's Sports Car?  Can you uncover the secret of the Strange Cubes? Find out in Swing Skills!   Features  Dozens of cute and quirky characters - play as a toucan, a tiger, and a toothbrush Unlock cool costumes - try the Orca suit for the Penguin, the Frog suit for the Monkey, or the Sprinkles for the Ice Cream Cone Discover the secret of the Strange Cubes Each level is hand-crafted, not just randomly generated Collect secret trophies like the Floppy Disk and the Golden Banana  Dodge the evil Swingorms' Spike Drops and Lethal Lasers Innovative control scheme - tap anywhere on screen and your character will throw a rope towards it How To Play  Tap the screen wherever you want to throw a rope. You character will swing towards that spot - try to time your taps so they stay in the air and dodge the obstacles. Keep going!Release Swing Skills is OUT NOW! Follow @SwingSkillsGame on twitter or visit www.SwingSkillsGame.com.Contact Me If you have any feedback, please post replies in this thread or send a tweet to my personal twitter @tamerobots, or use my contact form at www.tamerobots.com/contact     Thanks for your help!

Game Graphics UI Graphics

This game's really good, I couldn't find much to fault with it.

Graphics are cute and authentic, and the music is dynamite - really does feel like a classic SNES/NES game.

It's fun running along and slashing through stuff with your sword and killing stuff. I also like the humour of the game, there's lots of little jokes and references even from the start. Controls are responsive and easy to use, and it's intuitive. Feels a little like if Super Ghouls N' Ghosts were on the NES.

There's tiny UI annoyances, like if you're playing it on a tablet and using the controls along the bottom of the screen, then you have to reach up and press the top right hand corner to end the cutscene when you start a level, which is too far a stretch on a big tablet, it should really be down the bottom right as that's where your thumbs are. This is barely even a problem though I'm just trying to find something to roast the game with.

Other than that I can see myself playing this on the bus every morning for the next few weeks most likely.

Thanks Harambert you armor plated ape.

3 years ago

No worries!
Totally get what you're saying about blocking the text, on certain screen sizes I can see that happening now you mention it. It's the pain with making games for different screen sizes, you think it'll look fine then you try it on a different screen and it causes problems, I've had that before with my stuff.
I just put a game up for roasting too, it'd be cool if you could give it a roast back - https://roastmygame.com/game/swing-skills
Good luck with your game and keep up the good work :)

3 years ago
Level Design Controls

This game's pretty good. Simple, frustrating (in a good way).
1. Easy to figure out how to play it, good onboarding experience
2. The colour scheme is dull as hell and that's true on the icon too, but weirdly that actually makes it stand out and is probably a pretty good design choice in a strange way.

1. Not enough variety with music - you could maybe add a random warp on the pitch of the sound effects each time, otherwise it gets a bit repetitive each time you get the number you're trying
2. The control scheme is tricky because swiping up and down and left and right can be difficult to get right, but I don't really see any way you can get around this issue.

Overall fun game, good work.
I just put a game up for roasting too, it'd be cool if you could give it a roast back - https://roastmygame.com/game/swing-skills

3 years ago

Oh and put a 'rate' button in the settings/about us

3 years ago

- Nice simple graphics (lots of jagged edges though that don't look too great)
- Satisfying sound effects
- unbelievably fast start, i'm majorly impressed with that i think it took like 2 seconds before I was playing the game from launch so i don't know what magic voodoo tricks are going on there

- Asks you to sign into Google play games every time you do almost anything - I think according to google's guidelines you should ask the user to sign into GPGS at the start and then remember their choice, not keep asking them constantly
- too difficult at the start, I did OK with time trial but the main mode was too difficult to start with, but then I'm crap at word games
- settings / about us too crowded, I don't really want to see 800 different buttons for social media etc, separate them out into different screens

Overall this is pretty good.
I just put a game up for roasting too, it'd be cool if you could give it a roast back - https://roastmygame.com/game/swing-skills

3 years ago

I was going to install this game but then I noticed on Android at least, that it asks for Camera permission. I don't know why a game would need the Camera permission, and there is no explanation on the google play store page, so I didn't install because that just made me suspicious.
I'd recommend either saying on the store page why you need the Camera permission, or remove the Camera permission from the Android manifest, because I imagine a lot of players will not download it based on that suspicious permission request.
thanks anyway and good luck

3 years ago

Swing Skills