Space Adventures


Space Adventures is a space shooter action game where you kill aliens. The alien name is Joja, they are cute but very deadly. Astronauts name is Matt and no one knows how he got to Joja's planet. His rocket broke down and he ended up on a planet named Joja. Create terrain with an image and fight cute aliens! Reach the biggest wave and compete with your friends and family!     FEATURES: ● Supports Croatian and English  ● Creating terrain from an image. ● Every game is special no matter what photo you take. ● Compete with your friends and other people comparing waves. ● You don't need Wi-Fi or data for playing this game! ● Addictive music made by TheFatRat.  

• Added localization for Croatian and English language. • Added advanced AI movement. They now want to surround the player. • Added bigger Joja (boss alien) that will spawn every third wave. • Fixed bugs with loading levels on slower devices. Added another loading screen before spawning player on the terrain.

• Level system where you get stars for completed wave - if you complete two waves you can advance on the second level.
• Coins which you get for killing Joja's.
• Adding Facebook SDK for Facebook leaderboards.
• Market for custom skins and weapons.


U_Defektu 5 days ago

Level Design Story/Writing/Dialogue
Dodajte granice na drugom (vatrenom) baru za abilitye ili krug oko spelova koji se puni, tako da se lakse zna koliko treba do odredenog abilitya... Prica nije bas bitna ali mozete napravit "katalog" enemya i tu kao poduze opisat svakog i sitnu pricu dodat i za svaku boju neki razlicit napad ili nesto (range napad bi dobro dosao jer ovako samo bjezis i donekle je lagano, dok ih se ne skupi previse, pa bi s rangeom igra postala napetija malo ranije)

B-Matt 5 days ago

Hvala na kritici! Trenutno radimo single-player, nakon toga ćemo dodati range napade za Joje i nova oružja za astronauta.

alonski22 1 day ago

Controls Mechanics
I really liked the how the game is supposed to play, but many certain things make the game flawed:
1. No clear instructions on what I am supposed to take a picture of in the beginning
2. I killed one alien and nobody came after that despite waiting for 2 minutes
3. No feedback on the alien that i killed
4. No sense of depth with the terrain (i was falling off the edge without knowing why (or maybe thats just the photo ive taken)
and that's wht you should at least explain which kinds of photos would make an ideal level

if the game worked how it's supposed to work, it would be so awesome!

B-Matt 1 day ago

Thank you for the roast! I will make a few changes to the terrain generation system and add few instructions about photo taking. Also, we are adding premade levels for all players that don't like taking photos! Check out the progress of our development on our Facebook page:
Roast Em