SOUL CHASE - Retro Speedrunner [Android]


Do you guys miss the retro NES and SNES games from the 90's? Do you miss actual challenge and the satisfaction of completing a difficult but fun level? Can't bear the nostalgia for retro games anymore? Look no further, Soul Chase is here


HeavyFrogGames 1 year ago

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This game's really good, I couldn't find much to fault with it.

Graphics are cute and authentic, and the music is dynamite - really does feel like a classic SNES/NES game.

It's fun running along and slashing through stuff with your sword and killing stuff. I also like the humour of the game, there's lots of little jokes and references even from the start. Controls are responsive and easy to use, and it's intuitive. Feels a little like if Super Ghouls N' Ghosts were on the NES.

There's tiny UI annoyances, like if you're playing it on a tablet and using the controls along the bottom of the screen, then you have to reach up and press the top right hand corner to end the cutscene when you start a level, which is too far a stretch on a big tablet, it should really be down the bottom right as that's where your thumbs are. This is barely even a problem though I'm just trying to find something to roast the game with.

Other than that I can see myself playing this on the bus every morning for the next few weeks most likely.

Thanks Harambert you armor plated ape.

alonski22 1 year ago

Well, I was ready to get roasted but that was nothing but rainbows and butterflies lol! Thanks for trying it out, man. The thing about the skip button is I am afraid it may block the text. I haven't tried it yet but I will see :D thanks for bringing it up, I actually never thought of that

HeavyFrogGames 1 year ago

No worries!
Totally get what you're saying about blocking the text, on certain screen sizes I can see that happening now you mention it. It's the pain with making games for different screen sizes, you think it'll look fine then you try it on a different screen and it causes problems, I've had that before with my stuff.
I just put a game up for roasting too, it'd be cool if you could give it a roast back - https://roastmygame.com/game/swing-skills
Good luck with your game and keep up the good work :)
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