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Tiers of the Damned - V1.3.2

A survival horror game, in which you are faced with the task of taking claustrophobia to a new level. Dive into the tunnels and avoid the pending threat or threats that awaits you in the dark. Armed with just a flashlight, work your way around the darkness, find the 4 notes scattered across the game and locate the exit, fear awaits.

Game Graphics UI Graphics

Overall it looks really promising, i love the stylised look and feel of the game, the graphics are nice and the animations are fluid, i like the little addition with the grenades, having that bubble around them is a nice feature. Nice fun little shooter, would love to see more from this.

8 months ago
Level Design Game Graphics

Nice work so far, can't wait for more of this!

7 months ago
Level Design Game Graphics

I really like the style of the game, has a really nice vibe to it, keep up the good work and id love to see more!

7 months ago
Level Design UI Graphics

Interesting idea, looks fun

7 months ago

Thank you very much and yes it is

I appreciate the support!

7 months ago
Level Design Game Graphics

Reminds me of the impossible game, looks good so far, really fun game too. I look forward to more updates for this game!

7 months ago
Game Graphics Level Design

I really like your game style, looks nice. It does look quite simple in the way of level design, however, i don't think it really matters or affects the game too badly, great job tho so far!

7 months ago

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Tiers of the Damned - V1.3.2

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