Glucial Fighters


Glucial Fighters is a 2D shooter game that can be played with friends or alone.

The game contains a lot of game modes, but also many maps with different features.

Knife Fight - in this game mode you can duel with your friend in a fight in which every hit is important.

Deathmatch - in this game mode you have the opportunity to defeat your opponent from a distance using the pistol. However, only one will be able to take the pistol.

Gun game - in this game mode the only way to win is to get the last weapon, and the only way is to kill your enemy.


- online multiplayer


ExclusiveGames 3 years ago

Game Graphics Level Design
I really like your game style, looks nice. It does look quite simple in the way of level design, however, i don't think it really matters or affects the game too badly, great job tho so far!

Penteliuc 3 years ago

Thank you

Otozip_GameDev 3 years ago

Physics Animation
Really cool game but you can do better at animation.
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