ALPHAS: Survive the Swarm!


Use Flamethrowers, Lasers, Shotguns and more across five deadly levels to end your hunt against the Sentinel Queen! (Dead Ops Arcade style Shooter) (1 - 2 Players) (PC - Windows)  


  • Source Code (C#) and scripts to see how the game was made.
  • 3D Models for the community to warp & modify.
  • Textures & Particle FX to use in your own projects.
  • Music and Sound Effects to enhance and remix.
Developed in Microsoft XNA Studio by The A. Team:

Adam Graham, Jonanne Kus, Brandon Bell, Greg Mladucky, Michael Williams  

ALPHAS Survive the Swarm! created in XNA Game Studio. Top-down Twin-stick Shoot'em Up Game
inspired by Dead Ops Arcade from Call of Duty Black Ops. All 3D Models and Textures are owned by 343 Industries & Microsoft.


packetpirate 2 years ago

Mechanics UI Graphics
I really enjoyed giving this a quick play because it's very similar in play style to the game I'm working on with the exception of the setting. The weapons were satisfyingly smooth and the collision detection seemed really good. I enjoyed the top-down 3D perspective because it gives depth to the game that mine doesn't have. The game is a solid start. However, it would be nice to be able to play in full-screen and see more, as the window you play in is very small and doesn't show much. Also, the UI needs some work, as the components that make it up don't seem to work well together. You might try spacing out the components of the HUD rather than clumping them all together in the top-left.

Keep at it!

BellBlitzKing 2 years ago

Thank PacketPirate for playing! Happy to see you enjoyed the flow, weapons and art style.

We really focused on polishing those core elements, greatly paid off. You're right the UI could us much more love. I like your idea of moving certain elements around---would have to ensure it doesn't block sight of enemies in other areas of the screen.

PM me when your top-down game is done, I'll glady return the favor in feedback.

packetpirate 2 years ago

Well it isn't done, but I've just posted the v1.2 pre-alpha release of my game, Generic Zombie Shooter - Redux. Check it out and let me know what you think!

BellBlitzKing 2 years ago

Thanks, I've left my feedback on your game! I'll continue to look out for your updates.
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