The Impossible Game


This is  The impossible game it is a game  to  test your IQ  in the game there are 10lv and you must beat all of them if your not smart its easy just follow instruction's

it will get updated every week

(More level)


Cheeseboy 8 months ago

Tutorial/Learning Curve Mechanics
First of all, if you are going to put this in a zip file its probably better for you to put it in its own independent file first so that its just a bit more convenient to unzip, not a major problem though,
The game looks pretty bad, you had some background at the start, but then after that its just a gray screen, and the music that for some reason only plays on the title is unfitting, but the way it stops when you move on to the first question is just obnoxious, some of the buttons take several presses to do anything, and some of the wrong answers just don't work, instead of sending you back to the start (like they said they would after lvl 3 or 4), they just didnt do anything, there is a shocking amount of spelling mistakes, and also, its obviously based off the impossible quiz game, but what you didnt seem to carry over was that the questions in that game made sense in some sort of abstract way, here some of the questions are straightforward and some of them are just purely nonsensical, a few of the questions were copied from that game in spirit, and the ones that weren't copied just were not good, now i did think the skip the video level was somewhat clever, and the levels were at least unique in and of themselves, and also the game wasn't so long that getting kicked back to the start was annoying, i'd imagine it takes five minutes to complete, but i was only able to start once, and after that nothing let me begin it again.
Now, if it did work properly, i would say its an alright game, i'd give it a 4/10 because even if it wasn't amazing, i did enjoy the questions i was able to do.
I do feel like this wasn't playtested to any great extent, and most of these issues could probably be fixed in about 5 minutes, but if these issues were fixed and you made the questions a little more interesting i think it could be a pretty good game, there was some clever ideas in there that i did see.

psgamesff 8 months ago

Thank you for playing the game i am gonna Fix all of these bugs right now

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