The Bridge


Once a populated village is now a ghost town, rumors say that the town was the cause of a miscalculated nuke launch that wiped out all the living things on the little town, those who survived the impact were left in deep despair because the rescue team never came. The government feared the villagers telling the truth about what had happened, so the town was closed forever, and no one ever visited the town, until you, a thrill seeker made it to the cursed land through many rumors. You must collect all the spirit and souls of those who died a unjust death and only then can you free them from the forever darkness, and welcome the sun. Beware of the mutated locals and evil entities that guard the bridge and the land of darkness.

WASD and Space to move and jump

Good luck explorer.


BoneScab 1 year ago

Level Design Game Graphics
I love exploring games 8/10!
Pretty acceptable Story line, nice work on that!
Graphics aren't everything when it comes to gaming. But Should've made an effort to add postprocessing or some sort of appeal to the game. I'm not a professional or a skilled person in gamedev but it seems quite clear that its filled with unity asset flips.

Roast Em

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