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What is This Game : A fun little sandbox type game where you have an amazing collections of enjoyable tools that you can use to do whatever you WANT! But Why : The first aim of this game, in my opinion is to just go NUTS! use every Game mechanic to a great extinct in order to gain your satisfaction. Leave A review even if its hurtful : I recently stumbled upon a weird journey of game development, so I demand you to support me thank you I believe that feed back is like my food, if you don't give me food I will die thank you.   

Level Design Game Graphics

I love exploring games 8/10!
Pretty acceptable Story line, nice work on that!
Graphics aren't everything when it comes to gaming. But Should've made an effort to add postprocessing or some sort of appeal to the game. I'm not a professional or a skilled person in gamedev but it seems quite clear that its filled with unity asset flips.

1 month ago

doesn't matter if your game is crappy as hell, in your perspective it should be amazing
my advice will be that think, what can be a fun in a game where there is only a red ball
how about some story element?. I am kind of proud for you! seeing young game developers grow. I myself also hope this is your first and final game you'll ever publish.

1 month ago
Mechanics Game Graphics

yeah it looks like a junk yard collapsed building at a first glance. get somethin' good to look at in the game.

1 month ago

Goofy Mod