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Super Wizard Fever

Feel the rush of being a real wizard running in a full blown fever pitch! Super Wizard Fever is an arcade-style endless runner with a unique retro twist. Perfect your jumping and boosting skills as you try to achieve the biggest high score ever! The energetic, retro soundtrack and old-school visuals will make you feel the way you did when you were just a young 112 year old apprentice wizard. Dust off your running robes and jumping spells because you're about to experience what it is to have a Super Wizard Fever! Features:• Simple single touch controls• Smooth and fluid endless runner gameplay• Nostalgic chip-tune soundtrack and effects• Retro pixel art graphics and animation• Achievements and leaderboards• No in-app purchases!• Infinite replayability, just keep on running!

Controls UI Graphics

Solid gameplay, simple mechanic that works well.

- I paused the game but none of the buttons were responsive to resume the game, so I had to exit. The music continued to play.

- The firs achievement I got within two clicks of starting to play. I'd suggest leaving this until slightly later, as the user is still learning the game and achievement popups right away can be distracting.
- The purpose of the pill is not explained, maybe explain it via a noticeable effect when it is collected?

Other thoughts:
- Perhaps have the planet explode or drop off the screen after a game over? Every meteor still hits and plays an explosion sound.
- The menu UI buttons are tightly packed together, I would add a bit of vertical padding.
- The pause menu UI buttons seem squished slightly
- The sound effect quality seems low, it sounded like they were clipping or there were compressions artifacts.

In my opinion with a bit more polish this could be really great! Nice integration of leaderboards and achievements.

5 years ago

Thanks, great feedback. I could alter the beginning to just be a longer running start?

5 years ago

Thanks! I actually have a curve programmed in that moves the potion closer to the beginning of the platform the farther you go, I did this to encourage getting jumps perfect in order to continue to farther distances. Perhaps I could randomize it more but just shift it towards the start still.

5 years ago

Yep, probably was! https://forums.tigsource.com/index.php?topic=49860.0

4 years ago

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