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Callisto space simulator

Redeem codes for Play Store so that you don't have to pay (open Play store, swipe from left, scroll down, click redeem, type code, click redeem button, click install):AGCF1VNY0C8DB203Y45ET0N K8YB9GEL77KDNS76W7DE5PN 8H78LALMVQYEYFE5K7BRFH3 UMU0CYQ95H21UGTY5LMFYFJ CM3MADQJA20387UQ0P05X5G VS7JU1X4A36CFG1R1YA0FWN You are a pilot of a small space ship on Jupiter's moon Callisto. First you will go through few training missions and then you can start completing various missions: Refueling, finding lost equipment, checking for damages, using radio to find pirates, checking ships, docking and many more.   All objects behaves according to Newtonian physics and ships use realistic current day rocket technology. Instruments are in sort of 80's space tech style with lot of analog gauges and only bare minimum of computers.   This game is quite hard and missions are quite long. There are 24 missions, each lasts from 10 minutes to few hours or more.

Game Graphics Controls

- pick a language flags don't have visual feedback, I clicked the flag and 2s nothing, simple flash or sound would give user feedback that it was clicked and now is loading
- game is too lagy on my cheap phone (some triggers were skipped/not detected, perhaps you are testing if button is down on each frame instead of onclick event so that if I click fire that is shorter than frame duration it won't get detected)
- i would rather explore the planet than shoot the aliens

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