If you love hard games this game is for you. This game will increase your reaction time and keyboard control to improve your these skills we created 5 different modes for playing and made it cross platform. 'SHAPES' is indie developed game by 'One Editor'. It's second game developed by 'One Editor'.                                                                                                                                                                                               'HARD AF' is tagline of game there are 5 seasons.1. Normal.2.Up is down.3.Move or lose.4.Combined(2,3).  We challenge you to complete all 4 seasons accepted or not. This game is playable on 32 bit windows, 64 bit windows, macOSX, Linux.

                                                                           Music used in game is 'Bush Week' by Nihilore (http://www.nihilore.com/). One Editor games does not own any rights on music.


Scholley 6 months ago

Controls Game Graphics
Hey! I enjoyed this game's controls. It was different compared to what I was used to and that made it interesting for me as I tried to figure it out. Though the challenge is good, I feel like the atmosphere of the game is lacking. having only squares and shapes to look at makes the aesthetic of the game boring over time. Overall, it's a good challenge if that's what you are looking for. Good job guys!
Roast Em

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