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3D physics based surfing game.  Use w a d or arrows to control surfer.  Can walk on the island but there is nothing currently there.

More breaks.  More game stuff, like energy level and experience points.  A variety of waves will be added at each break.  Improvements in wave, physics.  Eventually to make a story and stuff to do on land to get to other breaks, get other boards.


trent3rd 1 year ago

Physics Game Graphics
I like the physics system but the graphics

BackNowhere 7 months ago

Physics Animation
Hey Ed,

Just checked your game out on steam, looks like you have made a boatload of improvements since you posted here.

I have seen some game-play footage on YouTube and there still seems to be frequent bugs with the player movement. I think it would pay off to iron out the kinks in the player movement before adding peripheral content.

Personally I also believe your pricing is far too high. Especially for 'Early Access'. With one break, and not much else to do, I would put the fair price at <$3USD.

At least with a lower price you might be able to get more testers/reviewers. And then put the price where you want it once people start responding more positively to your product.

Anyway, this is obviously an *extremely* ambitious project for one person to undertake, and I wish you the best of luck during the rest of the development cycle.

Daniel Griffin
Roast Em