You are Iceberg. You dream of sinking the Pipanic. To make your dream come true, you will have to hunt down smaller boats until you are strong enough.

  • CHANGED big ice breaker got a bit more aggressive
  • CHANGED HP now also indicated numerically
  • CHANGED D-Pad now responds faster
  • CHANGED sinking a ship by ramming another ship into it now also grants XP
  • FIXED Pipanic giving money when leaving screen

  • Hidden bonus levels for extra money (e.g. survive one minute against big icebreakers)
  • Quests for extra XP (e.g. sink five aircraft carriers)
  • I'll address some more bugs (like the water texture going missing when suspending the app while the game is paused)
  • I'll also address the lags at startup


retroalpaca 1 year ago

Story/Writing/Dialogue Level Design
Fun idea! I like when games are simple and straight forward. The whole tone of the game looks very consistent and chaotic (in a good way). I would like to see more complexity as the game moves forward with more uniqueness so players don't tire of the same old thing. Overall, great work!

Holzchopf 1 year ago

Thank you very much! You are right about the uniqueness... I'm planning to add quests and something like hidden bonus levels for more variety. But right now I'm concentrating on bug fixing and improving the controls.
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