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Minesweeper with extra features like Honeycomb map and multiple themes

Bug fixes

Map shapes


Sazazezer 1 month ago

Mechanics UI Graphics
It's a nice twist on the Minesweeper formula. The hexagonal layout brings an extra level of thinking to the table, but those who are fans of the original minesweeper can settle right in without too many surprises. I found i was able to get straight into it, but found myself being quickly tripped up by old ways of thinking (which is good!).

My biggest critique is that for some reason you don't start off with the hexagonal format. I had to go to the Settings menu and switch from the standard mode to the new mode. The hexagonal feature is your game's biggest new feature, so burying it in the options can be confusing and put people off (anyone playing this is looking for a new flavour of minesweeper, so seeing the old flavour first makes you think there's nothing new here).

I like the themes. It keeps it as its own thing but allows you to switch to classic if you want to keep the old feel of it.

thepowerlies 1 month ago

You make a solid point.
My head was wrapped around the hours upon hours of experience I had in windows 7 minesweeper that I never thought of putting the hexagon mode first or make it more visible.
I will try to change that (and a bunch of other updates) when I get some free time off work.

samanPraetor 3 weeks ago

Game Graphics
Can you add an infinite game mode too?

thepowerlies 3 weeks ago

I will probably add that after map shapes

Demeno 2 weeks ago

Game Graphics
It's Minesweeper, and it seems to work without bugs, so that's nice.

I almost missed the honeycomb mode, because it's in the settings so it's not very prominent. I only saw it was a thing because I saw the screenshot here.

From a graphic design perspective the game doesn't have a consistent art style, the board is minimal, but the mine/bomb is detailed with gradients, so they don't feel like the same "world". The buttons at the top (Setting + Restart) have another visual style, and the settings themselves (+popup) have a 3rd visual style. In short, this game needs some graphic design work.

Changing the theme is tedious because I need to keep reopening the settings and going to the theme tab each time I want to test what the theme looks like...

What I don't get is why spend time making a game that already exists? Unless you're making it as an exercise, in that case good job, now go on to make something original of your own :)

thepowerlies 2 weeks ago

It's just a hobby I do alongside my work (making games in Angular framework). Not really expecting to make money.
Points noted I will add changes once I get some free time
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