My Beautiful paper Smile (Horror Game)


Welcome to the My Beautiful Paper Smile Roast 'My Game' page! My Beautiful Paper Smile is a psychological horror game about a world where children are raised to be perfect. Perfection is rewarded, but imperfection is punished severely, and secretly. Children go missing on a regular basis, and you know you need to escape The Facility. The game will take place across four chapters, and the first is currently under development. It follows a horror theme that avoids common jump-scares (I never said the game doesn't have ANY jump-scares) and aims to deliver players with a subtly disturbing experience. This is accomplished through the atmosphere, which includes black and white hand drawn graphics and unique minimalistic sound design. While the game makes sense as a story when played through casually, I have also included hidden lore implanted deep within every part of the game that hints to the drive behind the characters motives. The first chapter of the game will be released for free on Steam late next year. If you have questions about the game, feel free to message me through Facebook, or email me directly at


KoalaSquad 1 year ago

Game Graphics Mechanics
Alright, here's what I think:

The graphics here look absolutely fantastic. I love the 3D hand-drawn aesthetic, and the audio sounds fantastic. I obviously can't play it yet, so I'll have to go off of the trailer, but there are a couple of things that I could tell needed improvement. First off, get some voice actors and dump the UI entirely, if you can. I feel like having a UI at all seems rather strange for this game, especially one like that with the dialogue. Second, the animation seems to be at about 2 frames per second, which makes walking look bad. If you could improve the animation by adding more frames or even converting to skeletal animation, that would vastly improve it. Finally, I feel like the mechanics look rather lackluster, particularly when moving. I'm not sure how you could improve on it. I was nervous just watching the empty rooms from a blurry camera in first person at the beginning, but the third person camera just seemed to suck the life out of it. I'm sure you have a reason for the camera perspective, but maybe first person would be better, in this circumstance. It would make the world more immersive and horrific. Also, a lot of the gameplay in the trailer seems to focus on interactions where the object of fear is right in your face instead of mysteriously in the shadows, and that's what psychological horror is all about, isn't it?

Sorry for being so negative, but I know that criticism is way more useful than positivity in game dev. I honestly think that this could be awesome, although some things about it are keeping it down. Keep it up!
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