Nookie Missile Dodger


A simple dodging obstacles game written in Python for 1-3 players with power-ups and a teleporter that advances the players to the next level.

Now the levels increase in intensity more slowly.
Additionaly, level 10 was designed as a special final level and an end of game video was created and added.


vladyslu 8 months ago

Hi. I played your game. I think that the game is fun. It would be awesome if it had some levels to finish and player's abilities. I hope to see more video-games from you. I recorded your game on a video. If you want me to delete the video, let me know. However, if you like the video, I make videos for such developers like you every day. I will be happy if you subscribe. Anyway, I had a lot of fun playing your game, and I am looking forward to playing more of them.

Sickitize 8 months ago

Hi Vlad! It was really awesome for me to watch you playing my game on YouTube, especially since it was the first day day that my game was available on the internet. The game actually has infinite levels, but you need to enter the teleporter (the color changing rectangle that appears on the screen) to move on to the next level. In the instructions screen I explained that, but I see it might help to make it more clear by showing a little video of the Nookie going in to the teleporter to demonstrate for international audiences or younger players that don't really read.
Thanks for playing and reviewing my game, and love from Israel!

vladyslu 8 months ago

Thank you for making awesome games. I had to read the instruction first. I forget sometimes.

stonoga 7 months ago

Tutorial/Learning Curve Story/Writing/Dialogue
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2 years ago

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