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Nookie Missile Dodger

A simple dodging obstacles game written in Python for 1-3 players with power-ups and a teleporter that advances the players to the next level.

Grave Diggers

Search for treasure by digging up graves, but watch out for ghosts that appear when you dig up a skeleton!The game is for one player, or two players against each other.

The Kidnap

Characters from the Spongeman saga come to life in this action/adventure game. Fight enemies with different weapons to rescue Uncle Floyd from his kidnappers!

Sickitize's Snake

My take on the classic snake game. Many of the keys function as cheat codes that enable special effects such as spped adjusting, pacman walls, ghost mode and zebra mode.

Game Graphics Physics

The graphics are really amazing and they inspire me to improve the graphics in my own games!
Also the story is very cool.
I think it would be nice if the dialogue woyld appear only the first time you play a level instead of holding the player back every time. Also, to close the dialogue it seems that you need to left-click and that triggers the sword attack, so if you coyld disable the attack during the dialogues that would look better.
I couldn't get past the first level because it was a really long jump to get past the fall through platform and you can't see whether the zapping platform afer it is on or off from that far away. Maybe if the view was a little zoomed out or if everything was scaled a little smaller.
Really cool game though and it looks super professional!

8 months ago

This game is really cool! The concept is original and the world is really nice. I liked that you teach the controls as it goes along. I couldn't really find anything or get anything done. I couldn't figure out hoe to use the car keys to open the car and it seemed like nothing was in any od the drawers in that house, or I wasn't using Z right.
Really cool though and it looks like a lot of work was put into this.

8 months ago
Story/Writing/Dialogue Controls

This game is really cute and funny and very creative!
It would be convenient if prssing Enter would advance the dialogue without needing to click on the answer when there's only one option.

8 months ago

I couldn't figure out how to play the game

8 months ago

Nice game. I think it would feel smoother if it didn't say game over every time you land and it just set you up for another launch right away.

8 months ago

Hi Vlad! It was really awesome for me to watch you playing my game on YouTube, especially since it was the first day day that my game was available on the internet. The game actually has infinite levels, but you need to enter the teleporter (the color changing rectangle that appears on the screen) to move on to the next level. In the instructions screen I explained that, but I see it might help to make it more clear by showing a little video of the Nookie going in to the teleporter to demonstrate for international audiences or younger players that don't really read.
Thanks for playing and reviewing my game, and love from Israel!

8 months ago

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