Mirror Plague - Alternative World


Become middle ages doctor and defeat the black death outbreak. Make hard decisions during campaign through 11 unique cities. Isolate, release or decapitate patients if needed. Hire specialists to help with outbreak.


locojosh2 1 year ago

Game Graphics Mechanics
- Really nice graphics. I really liked this part of the game
- Good music and sounds
- Simple and easy to understand UI and menu
- Pretty interesting story
- Nice looking characters

- Main con: I don't know whether I was doing the right choice or not when I released, isolated or decapitated a patient.
- Second main con: I couldn't know the condition of the disease without tapping the outbreak tab
- I don't know why I lost each time. My decisions? Number of infections?
- I passed level 1 by tapping the release button very fast
- The game lasted longer if I tapped any of the release, isolation or decapitation buttons very fast
- How do you know a patient has abscesses? Combination of Tired Cough and Muscles Pain?
- Chat: The way I know who is talking is by the picture of the character. It would be nice to include the name of the character in the dialogue.
- Chat: Orthographic mistake in first chat: Double negative: (Chancellor) "Captain, the situation doesn't isn't that dire..."
- I thought the timer at the top right was the time played, I later realized it was the hours of the day. It would be great to make this clearer.
- After losing several times, the screen looked weird. There was a bunch of text on the top left and I had to press the question mark in order to continue.

- Constantly know the condition (An idea: a percentage box you always can see without switching tabs?)
- Better feedback on decisions taken on patients (An idea I have: show that more people are getting infected when you make wrong conditions and sometimes get a prize when you make right decisions)

I must say again that the graphics are really nice

StoneGolemStudios 1 year ago

Story/Writing/Dialogue Level Design
Agreed with the last comments, overall very unique gameplay. Forgot about real life for a second so plus 1.

Roast : The choices you make aren't always evident. Did I kill the right person? Isolate a mom of 3? I suppose that is how it should be. To figure it out. Some of the heart was wrong.

Good : Unique, immersive. Let's you forget about the world for a second and determine the lives of fictitious characters. Giving them a back story help create emotion.
Roast Em

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