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Holo Games - Hologram Pyramid Arcade

Holo Games is a holographic mobile game with multiple mini arcade games. It uses a 'hologram pyramid' to display the games. *Looking for Menu/UI Roasts. Trying to make the game feel smooth to navigate. Also all other accepted as well =)FeaturesPlay Hologram Games (with pyramid) Can play WITH or WITHOUT hologram Compete against all on the Global Leaderboards  Unlock in game items, music and avatars View your own custom Holograms More games and holograms in the works!

Scrap Wars - Robot Fight Arena

Scrap Wars is a fast faced fighting game that pits old school robots against each other on Android devices. All in crips pixel art graphics!Unlock and battle lot's of bot's Track global stats and KDR Battle 3 levels of AI Local multiplayer Same device!

Animation Story/Writing/Dialogue

First, I'm a huge fan of Hero Tower Defense genre so +1 for choosing the right type of game. Also there is a bold amount of content so props for see this through.

Roast : Slow down Tutorial Text. Check spellings! and I think a custom font would look more appropriate. Nothing shows the end of the line, like that is where the enemies are going.

Plus : Graphics look great, again plenty of content... Like on par with AAA games amount of content.

Will continue playing more. Thanks for this =)

1 year ago
Game Graphics Controls

Retro... Simple... Love it.

Roast : UI goes off screen. Controls hurt to use, maybe a separate move control to shooting please!

Like : graphics are boss, animations are solid. Quick pick up gameplay. Overall positive experience =}

1 year ago
Story/Writing/Dialogue Level Design

Agreed with the last comments, overall very unique gameplay. Forgot about real life for a second so plus 1.

Roast : The choices you make aren't always evident. Did I kill the right person? Isolate a mom of 3? I suppose that is how it should be. To figure it out. Some of the heart was wrong.

Good : Unique, immersive. Let's you forget about the world for a second and determine the lives of fictitious characters. Giving them a back story help create emotion.

1 year ago
Game Graphics UI Graphics

This is a cute, solid platformer! It looks nice, terraria vibes with a nice background ambience. It. Needs work however on the UI and button response. Some UI looks like default icons that don't fit, like in game controls. Character sounds don't fit, attacking is micro seconds off, just enough to make to make timing attacking enemies annoying. Overall though, has great potential.

1 year ago

Wyrms & Wizards

Mirror Plague - Alternative World