Minimum Wrage


An all office brawl-out, where getting a promotion is your only motivation for existence!


  • Game Intro Cut-scene
  • Customizable controls
  • Difficulty Select
  • Local Multiplayer
  • "Attract Mode"
  • One office level
  • Destructible items
  • One boss fight
  • Credits

The following controllers are highly recommended:

- Xbox 360 Controller

- PS4 Controller

- Xbox One Controller

If your controller is not working for you, let us know!

Download from link

- First Public Demo

- Learning new Attacks.
- New weapon types.
- More levels.
- Ability to become the CEO.


StriderToll 2 years ago

Story/Writing/Dialogue Mechanics
the game's premise and opening are really funny. The gameplay feels sort of punishing with little depth though. Also, the sounds for hitting an enemy and getting hit are the same, which confuses things.

arkusnexus-mindlabs 2 years ago

Hey StriderToll, thanks for the feedback!
Definitely, the game is a little more punishing that it should be, as it was tweaked based on internal playtesters who had been trying it out for some time, we will try tweaking some stun numbers and wait times for enemies and see how that feels.

As far as depth, mastering the tools at hand with the current system doesn't take that much, as you can use almost the same attack and win. Sadly we didn't have time to implement a progression system which would allow for a variety of attacks or combinations of them, but we can try tweaking some stamina numbers and allow cancelable moves.

We didn't want to simply add more moves, as that would only add complexity instead of depth; so we'll see what we can do in terms of level/encounter design to help circumvent that feeling of lack of depth.

We are glad you enjoyed the premise! We had tons of fun putting it together.
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