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Minimum Wrage

An all office brawl-out, where getting a promotion is your only motivation for existence! Features: Game Intro Cut-scene Customizable controls Difficulty Select Local Multiplayer "Attract Mode" One office level Destructible items One boss fight Credits The following controllers are highly recommended: - Xbox 360 Controller - PS4 Controller - Xbox One Controller If your controller is not working for you, let us know!Download from link

Mechanics Tutorial/Learning Curve

Minor Bugs:
Selecting scrolling through the menu on the first or last option kind of flickers for one frame an invisible option before scrolling back to last or first option.

QoL Suggestions:
Some angles that look like would make the character slide, don't; not sure if this is a design choice or just needs some more tweaking.
For tutorial:
Reading the instructions was counterintuitive to the game mechanic itself, maybe make the Tutorial Text rotate along with the player so there is no difficulty in reading it.
I skipped all the enemies from the start, so had to backtrack to complete the level, perhaps just add one final room where you have to eliminate all those enemies or a different tutorial complete trigger.

In General:
I had trouble during normal gameplay identifying where the enemies were; not sure if it's simply rotating too fast or there isn't enough contrast between the enemies, background, and floor.
Even when I knew how health was represented, in the heat of the moment, I had difficulty determining how much life I had; perhaps a different sprite or color tint for the character when life is low?

I like the idea and implementation so far.
Some tweaking to some of the rotation speed and minor QoL improvements and it feels like a fun game.
Oh, and I guess I should take a shot at the name.... uh... VERTIMO! (No?, ok, I'll see myself out now...)

2 years ago
Level Design Mechanics

The concept was pretty interesting to explore, but a couple of things puzzled me:
- Why is the combo system dependant on how many cars were lifted simultaneously instead of an ongoing combo?
- Why is it one hit, and game over; feels bad man.
- The same nature of having multiple lanes and the only way to stop them is with keyboard presses, presents a mechanical interface problem; some keyboards don't allow for so many presses at a time, so it kind of makes the player feel frustrated and gated by hardware.

On the plus side:

I had fun with the general concept, but when I started adding a "risk" or "close call" kind of incentive in my head it made it much better; by this I mean where I let a car pass that barely missed a pedestrian, feels good man.

Looking forward to what comes up next!

2 years ago

For my scenario, it was 4, though I could swear that trying to do a particular set of keys it can be less.

2 years ago

Hey StriderToll, thanks for the feedback!
Definitely, the game is a little more punishing that it should be, as it was tweaked based on internal playtesters who had been trying it out for some time, we will try tweaking some stun numbers and wait times for enemies and see how that feels.

As far as depth, mastering the tools at hand with the current system doesn't take that much, as you can use almost the same attack and win. Sadly we didn't have time to implement a progression system which would allow for a variety of attacks or combinations of them, but we can try tweaking some stamina numbers and allow cancelable moves.

We didn't want to simply add more moves, as that would only add complexity instead of depth; so we'll see what we can do in terms of level/encounter design to help circumvent that feeling of lack of depth.

We are glad you enjoyed the premise! We had tons of fun putting it together.

2 years ago

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