Dodge the meteors! Collect coins! Reach your high score!

TO PLAY: Just run the html file.

Working on bug fixes. Development is temporarily paused.

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c_nasser 1 month ago

Mechanics Controls
The game is interesting but if we touch the edges we fail and it's confusing.
I think it would be better if the user can touch edges .
Also it could be great to have also power up during the game because we must lost to buy items with the money earned.

future-games 1 month ago

Thanks! I will remove the loss on touching edges, and I will try to add a way to access the shop mid-game (no guarantees!), but I have lots of other updates planned. Thanks for playing!

TMD_Studios 1 month ago

Your HTML5 link is broken...

future-games 1 month ago

What link? How so?

Nolay 4 weeks ago

Mechanics Level Design
The fact that this game is so much fun even though it looks so simple really threw my off my socks. It made me remember when decided that I wanted to start programming, back then I was really proud of my first Visual Basic game, when my hand-drawn helicopter was moving around on a button press on the keyboard.

The shop system is the best part. I think what we can learn from it is that keeping it simple is one of the best and most affordable things you can do when developing games. In my opinion games like these are the ones who make revenue the fastest (think "Flappy bird").

future-games 4 weeks ago

Thank you! This is the first game I ever made and it is almost a year old, I'm glad you enjoyed it!
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