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MemBrain Training

Different games to improve memory such as boxes to find, geometric shapes or cards to memorize. There are also English words to memorize and find. 12 levels per game are available, with increasing difficulty.   You can compare your score with other users to assess your level.   You have the option of purchasing themes to have a more engaging gaming experience. All In App Purchase re Free for the Beta Version.

Physics Tutorial/Learning Curve

It's a game you want to play to have a best score. I think that the game should be more easy at te beginning to get a better understanding of controls.
Enemies have good move and punch but should be more distinct.
Also as the game is based on High Score, it will important to have a ranking, to have more downloads and make you want to play more.

8 months ago
Mechanics Controls

The game is interesting but if we touch the edges we fail and it's confusing.
I think it would be better if the user can touch edges .
Also it could be great to have also power up during the game because we must lost to buy items with the money earned.

8 months ago
Mechanics UI Graphics

Simple game with good level design. On mobile game it could be great to have controls using screen rotation and compass. UI is minimalist but effective.

8 months ago

MemBrain Training