Ice Cold Blood


Ice Cold Blood is a story of war and revenge. The creatures dwelling in a provincial polar town will find themselves drawn into a war they never asked for, brought upon them by an invader army, the muscle of a predator group that has made of abuse its way of living.

Full demo coming soon.


TheRichCourt 3 years ago

Level Design Controls
Hey, just been playing this and I honestly really like it. The core idea is cool, but (in the nature of this site) I do have some pointers:

The controls aren't very intuitive - The control scheme is kind of odd, in that the camera doesn't turn when the character turns, and movement stays the same regardless of which way the character is facing. While I did get used to it more over time, I did also find that it never reached the point where it felt 'right'. I think it'd be much better if the camera stayed behind you, and pressing up always meant the character would walk in the direction they're facing.

I also felt the lighting could have done with some work - why are there no shadows on the highest graphics setting?

Other than those two points though, I think it's great, and I'm going to keep playing :)

TheRichCourt 3 years ago

Just went back to play some more, and I hit a glitch! I can't upload a screenshot, but it's in a clearing with two conifers and a circular tree. Just below the tree there's a tiny hole in the terrain. Once I was in it, I wasn't able to get out. These holes appear really easily in Unity terrain, so it's worth combing through your world for them.

jlvc 3 years ago

I found it. I will keep looking for this kind of stuff.

jlvc 3 years ago

Hi! First of all thank you for playing! Also thanks for your comments, I'm glad you could enjoy it!

About the controls, I have to tell you that's on me, it was my call. We have been trying several schemes, and it was my choice to use this one for this release. We will be trying out more, including the one you mention where the camera turns with the character, and see where that leads us.

About the lighting, yeah, I didn't pay attention to that, but you're right, I did neglect the graphics, will be fixing that asap.

Overall, I appreciate your feedback and will consider your suggestions!
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