[GAME][FREE][4.1+] Chicken Eggs Shooter


Fun chicken egg shooter runner game! Get the best experience of chicken games.You play as a brave chicken, this chicken is egg shooter. He can run, jump, slide and shoot eggs to destroy funny enemies and obstacles in this fun runner game!   Links:


Action runner game in which you play as a brave chicken! It is not a simple chicken, it loves popcorn and shooting eggs while running. This time our chicken is going deep into woods.

Explore mystical woods with a quick chicken! Who knows what creatures and surprises will be on the way, but be careful as not everything is friendly. Do not afraid in deep forest and do not make your chicken scream. Be the bravest! Use your protection which is your eggs! Make your chicken jump if appears obstacles.    Compete with your friends! Run the furthers and be the 1st on the Leaderboard and prove your friends that you are the best chicken shooter in chicken inc.   --Features—

- Simple controls - Non-stop action - Leaderboards with your friends - Create and shoot eggs - Great graphics - Fun game in which simple to play but hard to be master - Interesting levels  


rasterzone 2 years ago

Game Graphics
Fun! I like the animation!


surje 2 years ago

Game Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve
The game is a good scroller, with decent graphics, physics and animations.

The game mechanics are sound, and reminds me a little of "flappy bird" but in this case you are a running bird and have to avoid the rocks and obstacles to keep moving.

I could not figure out how to make the stone? egg, though I could throw the regular eggs. Maybe text during the tutorial animation would help.


BrandedBrothers 1 year ago

Game Graphics Controls
Fun game. I think it might be good for small kids rather than adults. I think it should have more work in menu matters. the composition (size of icons, location and distribution of the icons) is not quite friendly.

Love the idea! keep it up
Roast Em