Ethernal It's a "party" game much like Super Smash Bros where you fight up 4 players locally. As of now we only have support for Xbox Controllers. Move with Left Stick. Aim with Right Stick RT, LT, RB, LB are the spells for the various spells which changes depending on the character. (Later you will be able to change these to better suit your playstyle.)

I want to emphasize that you cant play it alone, we haven't come so far that we either have online multiplayer or any AI.

Some new stuff. First of all there is a bunch of new spells. Water balloon, a water spell that volleys a few metres in the direction you aim and splashes out the enemies depending on their location and the splash, has a bunch of fun uses! :)) Water Bubble: Blocks one spell when used until someone enters or leave the bubble Molten Grasp: A neat stun. The elemental throws a fist of molten lava, immobilizing and stunning the one that gets hit, follow through with a neat rolling stone and your problems are as gone as the controller in your mates hand! Wind dash: The days of bad positioning is over, with this utility spell, you now stand behind your fellow opponent with a nice follow up spell. With this neat trick, losing is a thing of the past. The graphics have been improved as well, the tree is remodeled and new plants have arrived, the grass and leaves of the tree now moves with the wind. Neat huh?

3 more maps is coming, first up will be Water arena, then fire and lastly wind.

Also more spells. 16 spells is the minimum before we call it a complete edition. As of now we're into 8.

We're also gonna add ultimates, 2 of them are sort of done, but they are very rough.

Something that hasn't been seen yet but we are working on is animations, exactly how this will go is a big question mark, we're working on how much will be implemented. 

Also, the menu is being reworked, we had a working before, but since it was too basic, we're remaking it, when it's done you will be able to choose elemental, this elementals spells and after that, a map of your choosing.

These are the written in stone-features. We're thinking of fixing online-mode as well since it's a great way for people to you know, play with eachother, but since network code is (according to my precious programmers) quite hard, we're chilling with it and instead produce a game that is ready. If you have any ideas or insight to this problem, message me :))


groundon33 4 years ago

Game Graphics Mechanics
v0.4: when i start the game, i can see the island as in the screenshot, the clouds and grass moves, but i am unable to do anything,
i tried almost every key, tried clicking everywhere, the 4 characters just stand in their 4 spots and don't move.
I tried different settings but it didn't help.

i would like a direction on how to start the game, or open the main menu, or do anything really.

Did you upload the wrong version?

Syndate 4 years ago

Oh right. I should have written that in the description since I just completely forgot about it, as of now we dont have support for keyboard and mouse which is really dumb of us, but we haven't gotten so far. You can only play with an xbox-controller and up to 4 people.

Sorry for leaving that out :/
Thanks for testing though <3

CoreGG 4 years ago

Game Graphics Controls
Umm I can't play xD make it keyboard-supported?

Syndate 4 years ago

It's on the way mate!
Although the problem is that you will probably need a second controller anyway since playing two on the keyboard will be hard and irritating. That might be fixed if we get servers working though, but yeah, we're working on it.

mariospants 4 years ago

Game Graphics Mechanics
This looks like it could be a really fun game with a Windwaker-like graphical atmosphere. But this is a roast, right? So, I'm going to be brutal on purpose, ok? Take it personally! ;-)

Firs off, if you want to download the game the Roast My Game link (to indiedb) goes to a page that states:

File Deleted The file you are trying to view (Ethernal v. 0.4 - Ethernal_v.4.rar) uploaded by Emrikkaljo has been deleted and is no longer available. This may have occured at the uploaders request, or it may have occured because it violated the sites Terms of Use. If this is a mistake and you are the uploader of this file and would like it re-activated, please contact us with the details. We recommend you return to the download list and browse the links from there.

You can find the link from the download list, but dammit, we're roasting here, people! Failure before launch! I'm roasting Alpha version 3, FYI...

Dudes, I clicked on "Character Select" and it lets me choose 2, 3, or 4 players... no "characters" to select! The number of players playing should be automatic, you shouldn't have to go back and start a new game.

Then I selected "go back to main menu" and it... started playing the game... are we bug hunting or roasting here?

Movement controls feel inadequate, with no easing so it feels very artificial. I'm never quite sure which direction I'm facing.

Firing is weird... if you miss with the wind shot, you have to wait until your shot clears the entire stage before you can shoot again (not that it matters, because if your opponent isn't paying attention, one shot can scoot him off the stage). I never got a good sense of where I was firing, either.

When an opponent is knocked off the stage (the only way of defeating them so far?) they appear in the same place. Actually, if everyone commits suicide at once, you can get a nice pile-on of characters. Not such a huge deal EXCEPT now all I have to do is stand facing the drop-in point (never changes, should be random or protected) and just hammer on the fire buttons to repeatedly launch them off into orbit. I was able to cheat like this and end a round really quickly on my dumb-ass friend.

Plant a defensive rock, then shoot the rock with a boulder (from a little distance away) and bingo: instant suicide. Not sure I like the way that works.

After game over, you can't replay, and it goes to the main menu. Also, didn't like that this is a joystick game and the entire menu system only works with the mouse. Choose joypad[0] if you have to, just make it possible for SOMEONE to control the menu without having to run over to the computer and move the mouse. The menu graphics are pretty lame, but that's hardly a priority at this point.

Sound and music are ok, the level is a little small and graphics are ok so far. I know this is really just the beginning design stages, so maybe it's too soon to roast it?

Syndate 4 years ago

Thanks for roasting mate! I decided to take away the latest link since it was more a mess than the others, it had no menu (not that this one is great, but yeah.) because we're reworking it to feel better and look better. You will be able to change character, spells and maps in the finished menu, but that's a while from here, but that'sa priority.

The firing thing is something that has bothered me lately as well, the wind spell will be re-worked, the graphics and code feels like it doesn't belong in the game, it has a weird hitbox as well.
The aiming are we debating now, first of we will fix the rotation, right now it seems like we're rotating somewhere between the hands and character which feels weird. However, we might add a sight, like an arrow so people can easier see where you are aiming.

However we will likely continue with the "no-hp" thing because it defines our game, bloodline champions have the healthbar thingie and spellsworn has the same but burn area outside of the playable area, if we ever fix different game modes, then it might change in those, but that's another debate :))

The respawn thing was a great idea! We will likely fix so that you can spawn in like 4 different places randomly, maybe with a bit of immortality, but we will balance it and see what works best.

Did you find the stone barrier with rolling boulder boring and annoying or fun and surprising? :)

Thanks for the roast yo! :))))


timeshockgames 4 years ago

Game Graphics Mechanics
- The abilities both looked cool and had interesting effects.
- The graphics were pretty
- Simplicity of game is good

Needs work
- The stall on rotating the character is pretty annoying, it feels like it should be more responsive.
- The main gameplay mechanics made combat too fast and risky, there's not much skill involved when you can button-mash all the abilities,
I'd suggest making it similar to Smash Bros, where if you are hit, you lose mass over time. Also the abilities are just too strong in general.
- The ability graphics going through the rock shield could make an inexperienced gamer frustrated with seeing the attack hit, but not do anything.

Syndate 4 years ago

Thanks for the roast mate!

Fast and risky is somewhat of what we think makes the game fun, however, we could maybe fix a scale much like how many lives you have, so you could choose how much impact spells does, According to my lovely programmers it's as easy as ABC :))

The flamethrower/stone thingie is looking ugly indeed, I will make a point of it!
Roast Em