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Ethernal It's a "party" game much like Super Smash Bros where you fight up 4 players locally. As of now we only have support for Xbox Controllers. Move with Left Stick. Aim with Right Stick RT, LT, RB, LB are the spells for the various spells which changes depending on the character. (Later you will be able to change these to better suit your playstyle.) I want to emphasize that you cant play it alone, we haven't come so far that we either have online multiplayer or any AI.

Mechanics Controls

First of all it's a very unique game and I enjoyed it quite a bit. I've got to say the graphics was a little bit off-putting but it wasn't something that dragged down the experience at all. I really liked when I first started and it almost seemed like I made an animation by my own with those neat sound-effects "whoosh!".
All though what did make stop playing was that I never got the legs to work nicely. they were always blocked and took much more work.
Overall I liked it. I will probably check back later to see if it gotten better in some weeks. Thanks for letting me play! :)

8 years ago
Game Graphics Controls

I liked it somewhat. The first impression was nice. I liked going into "doors" for different parts of the game such as options and so forth.
Although the game has a unique feel to it, I didn't really feel myself in it and I think that a game like yours, that's probably what you are aiming for, nice graphics and some sort of relaxing gameplay.
The first "bad" thing that I noticed was the text that came up when I got my first pistol in the first level. The text was white and I could only see half the sentence, it's not gamebreaking but it's something to change for later.
First level was ok when it came to leveldesign. It was somewhat hard for a beginner, not hard as in impossible, but many things to think about when I've just started. I'd personally limit it to only the rolling ball and for next map introducing more balls but with this time a gun. The third map with those evil-player-seeking robot, and so forth.

The maps were all pretty much the same though, which was a little bit dissapointing. A game like yours also thrives on puzzle.
Lastly, the controls were a bit wonky, I'd probably learn them after a while so it's not something that is awful, but I think that you probably want some input on that as well.
Thanks for letting me play and good luck, I might come back later to check it out!

8 years ago

check it out when new content has arrived I mean :))*

8 years ago

Oh right. I should have written that in the description since I just completely forgot about it, as of now we dont have support for keyboard and mouse which is really dumb of us, but we haven't gotten so far. You can only play with an xbox-controller and up to 4 people.

Sorry for leaving that out :/
Thanks for testing though <3

8 years ago

It's on the way mate!
Although the problem is that you will probably need a second controller anyway since playing two on the keyboard will be hard and irritating. That might be fixed if we get servers working though, but yeah, we're working on it.

8 years ago

Thanks for roasting mate! I decided to take away the latest link since it was more a mess than the others, it had no menu (not that this one is great, but yeah.) because we're reworking it to feel better and look better. You will be able to change character, spells and maps in the finished menu, but that's a while from here, but that'sa priority.

The firing thing is something that has bothered me lately as well, the wind spell will be re-worked, the graphics and code feels like it doesn't belong in the game, it has a weird hitbox as well.
The aiming are we debating now, first of we will fix the rotation, right now it seems like we're rotating somewhere between the hands and character which feels weird. However, we might add a sight, like an arrow so people can easier see where you are aiming.

However we will likely continue with the "no-hp" thing because it defines our game, bloodline champions have the healthbar thingie and spellsworn has the same but burn area outside of the playable area, if we ever fix different game modes, then it might change in those, but that's another debate :))

The respawn thing was a great idea! We will likely fix so that you can spawn in like 4 different places randomly, maybe with a bit of immortality, but we will balance it and see what works best.

Did you find the stone barrier with rolling boulder boring and annoying or fun and surprising? :)

Thanks for the roast yo! :))))

8 years ago

Thanks for the roast mate!

Fast and risky is somewhat of what we think makes the game fun, however, we could maybe fix a scale much like how many lives you have, so you could choose how much impact spells does, According to my lovely programmers it's as easy as ABC :))

The flamethrower/stone thingie is looking ugly indeed, I will make a point of it!

8 years ago