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Sloth Action

The sloth asks why work when robots can do it for you? Sloth Action is a game about sloths, hooks, and outer space, where simplicity meets deadly odds. Click once to shoot out your trusty grappling hook, and swing through hordes of lethal saws in this action adventure game!

Game Graphics Mechanics

- The abilities both looked cool and had interesting effects.
- The graphics were pretty
- Simplicity of game is good

Needs work
- The stall on rotating the character is pretty annoying, it feels like it should be more responsive.
- The main gameplay mechanics made combat too fast and risky, there's not much skill involved when you can button-mash all the abilities,
I'd suggest making it similar to Smash Bros, where if you are hit, you lose mass over time. Also the abilities are just too strong in general.
- The ability graphics going through the rock shield could make an inexperienced gamer frustrated with seeing the attack hit, but not do anything.

4 years ago

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