Eat Your Vegetables!


The goal of Eat Your Vegetables! is to do just that, eat your vegetables. Make sure your baby is eating all of their vegetables, but at the same time, you also need to avoid everything else flying at you!

You can play as 6 unique characters that can be unlocked by playing the game or unlocked through an IA-P which also removes the ads. There are 3 difficult levels. On Easy you play 1vegetable : 1 bad object. On Medium, you have multiple vegetables. And on Hard, you have distractions!

Each character has a different set of distractions, from dogs, earthquakes, flies, banjo music, ufo's, and sudden thunder storms. Do eveything you can to avoid letting your baby get distracted.

Now it's easier to unlock new characters !


Cogh 5 years ago

Game Graphics Physics
Straight roast:
With some hard work and dedication, you potentially have some YouTube fodder.

Honest critique:
Your game has one button, so at the moment it's extremely simple. If you added more to the mechanic, I'd say your game would become cluttered. However, your graphical style would do service to a good physics implementation. Add more dynamic food, a ragdoll baby head and broken scenery - you have a hit for the Let's Players.

pikeface 5 years ago

-One Button: The game actually has a Hard difficulty where the player is being distracted on screen, and you either have to tap or swipe things away so they don't distract the baby.

-Physics: Since it was a pretty simple game, there wasn't much along the lines of physics to include. We did sprite frame animations because it would only be about 3-6 frames for any animation I made. Each baby has about 6-7 animation states for eating, sleeping, pointing, looking up, looking down, and so on. The vegetables/bad objects in the game actually accelerate faster and faster as time goes on. It doesn't take long before reaching maximum velocity.

-Game Graphics: Almost all of the characters and objects in the game were hand drawn illustrations I made, and vectorized them as they were to make it more stylized. I like the fact that this game has so much of my own style in it. I'm pretty proud of the art.

-YouTube:the 15 second clip doesn't do it justice. It looks really cool because i had to take all the game assets to build it in After Effects. I don't have any screen recording software so I'm missing out on some full gameplay videos.

pikeface 5 years ago

Game Graphics
I did that!

CoreGG 5 years ago

Very creative stuff!

pikeface 5 years ago

Thank you!

drewdhutchins 5 years ago

Mechanics Story/Writing/Dialogue
I am a big fan of the single touch mechanic that is used in the first 2 levels for each character. I like games that I can play with just one hand. I also think the art is very nice. I'm personally not crazy about the actual theme of the game with a baby eating vegetables. I don't really have any other great ideas, but it could be just about any creature eating some other thing other than veggies just to make it more appealing. Overall I think it is a good quality game. Good luck.
Roast Em