Dot Debug


DOT Debug is a stealth-action game about a "Debugger".

Defeat the bugs, or just sneak past them, or use various tools to destroy them.

I'd love any kind of feedback, but here's some things i've been wondering about specifically...

  • What works better on Android, virtual d-pad or swipe-movement (change in options)
  • Difficulty?
  • Pacing - does the game take too long to introduce more mechanics?
  • Whether the upgrades in the shop are too cheap, or too expensive?
  • What works, and what doesn't

The game is available for both Windows and Android.


domo 4 years ago

Level Design Animation
i realy like the Level Design and the color is too cool

Lohoris 4 years ago

Level Design UI Graphics
Played the first level on Android, it was nice.

The music is quite annoying after a very little while, so I disabled it (I've selected "UI Graphics" on "Needs most work" because there was no "Music / SFX" option).

The virtual dpad works well, I wouldn't play a game such as this using swipe movements. Sure, I'm nowhere near as confident with that as I would be with a keyboard, but it worked, and I never botched.

It's nice that it works on portrait mode, so that I don't have to turn my phone.

The fact that the colour changes every time is a bit disorienting: it was white, I opened and closed the options, it became yellow: I thought it was a bug! Later I tried to open and close level a few times, and noticed that it changed every time.
Now, if there isn't a gameplay mechanic I've missed related to the colour of the level, I would definitely recommend to have any single level always have the same colour. That helps to identify a level, and to make it look more "real". Just look at some old arcades (Q*Bert, Crystal Castles, etc.): they all did that: colour‑code the levels.

Overall, the introduction of the mechanics I've found so far was quite smooth.
I found it odd you cannot dash back a bit through a conveyor belt, but I understand that being able to do this, even if it was just for a square or two, would complicate the level design.

raonak 4 years ago

Thank you very much!!!
Loving the feedback :)

I am quite unsure about the music myself, do you think I should lower the default music volume, or select less intense music? or maybe just add a quick mute option in the pause menu? (a lot of mobile games have this option)

I'm happy to see the virutal d-pad works. I find it cumbersome compared to swiping, but that might be because i'm not entire comfortable with touch controls myself lol. I have noticed my friend had real trouble wrapping his head around the swipe movement, so you might be right in that dpad is a easy to understand control scheme. I think i'll make the dpad the default.

Good idea about the colour changing, I just sorta left it shuffling between colours because I was unsure what colours to use, but I think you're right, it would make the levels feel more distinct if they have individual colour themes.

Once again, thanks for the feedback :)
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