Daffy Fish


Daffy Fish takes the simple gameplay mechanics of Flappy Bird and takes them to the next level, in the form of the Player Character now being a Flying Fish with the ability to leave the water for short periods of time.   Daffy Fish isn't a game for casual game players, but for those old-school players looking to test their skills to see just how far they can go.   Currently Daffy Fish has 4 Worlds with 5 Puzzle Levels Each, and the gameplay is simple,  navigate through each level, avoid hazards and collect as many goodies as you can.   The Game has 3 gameplay modes, Easy, Medium and Hard and the number of total levels you will have to play is limited based on the game's difficulty.

Basic NPCs added to all levels

Add NPC Challenge Stages and World End Bosses


Saxx 8 months ago

Game Graphics Mechanics

I like the concept, but I had a rough start controlling Daffy at first. And I was very disappointed when I died as soon as I hit anything. I would much rather have some loss of health, instead of dying instantly when I hit something.

I would replace the font (the big red one). For me, it's does not fit, somehow...

One last thing. I expected that I could use the arrow keys and to navigate the text (New game, retry etc)

Another last thing: Let the user be able to switch to fullscreen. I cant stand playing in windows. ;-)
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